We Look forward to hearing what is going on in your world!! Please leave comments or suggestions to help us improve our project!! Our Motto "Stimulate Your Imagination, Rock U Mentalize Your Education!!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Calling All Superheroes!!!!

We are excited to be a part of an amazing event happening in Springfield, MO. Calling All Supeheroes will be taking place on March5, 2011at the O’Reilly Family Event Center on Drury University’s campus. Families will have the opportunity to visit with all kinds of local "superheroes"! They will learn about what kinds of characteristics a real superhero has, as well as how their own personality and talent make them a one of a kind superhero as well! Kids are encouraged to come to the event in their favorite superhero costume, or their own homemade cape.....how fun!! There will be lots of interactive displays as well as crafts, and Superhero inflatables,a parade of superheroes and of course 2 live Rock U Mentally Shows!!!  All kids will go home with a Superhero Powerpack full of goodies

This event benefits Community Partnership, a non profit organization, which focuses on creating relationships within a community to help facilitate positive change. They find new ways to use resources to help children and families, and address such  important topics as abuse, reducing crime, creating activities to help children with brain development, as well as several other issues.
For more info check out this link: http://www.commpartnership.org/superheroes.php
We are so proud to have been asked to perform at this event!!!! We hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Help AJ and Fotsch WIN Dancing with the Stars!!!!

I was given the opportunity to perform/compete in Dancing with the Stars of Branson! My "Star" partner is the wild and zany J.Fotsch from Springfield's Power 96.5 Morning Buzz! Needless to say it is going to be a huge amount of fun for us!!! The event is being held in Branson at the Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater, Feb. 16th at 7pm!! We hope you will come out and support us!!We will be competing against several other Branson celebrities and professionals, but the person we are most out to beat is of course my husband Bucky Heard!!! I just don't think it would be right if he beat me in a dancing competition!! (Sorry Honey!!!)So this is whee I need your help, the competition is decided by who can raise the most money for the Branson Arts Council and the Branson High School Project Graduation. The Branson Arts Council , which is responsible for many programs and activities that focus on the youth in our community including, art and cultural school programs, children's literature conference, art classes for the Home schooled children, pottery classes,and a Children's Theater Workshop. Not only do they promote these wonderful programs, they also support local artists by supplying gallery spaces,and promoting local concerts, art classes, festivals and exhibits as well as providing scholarships to support the study of arts and culture, and BHS Project Graduation is an all night lock in immediately following graduation each year. The purpose of this activity is to keep the students in a safe and fun atmosphere away from the temptation of drinking and driving to celebrate their graduation.Two great Causes!!! One great night!!!
Here are some of the ways that you can help!
GEN ADMISSION TICKETS - Minimum Donation $10 All tickets sold by Fotsch and I will count toward our vote tally!
VIP TICKETS - Minimum Donation $50
There will be a VIP Mixer the night of the show. It is on Feb 16th beginning at 5:30pm , in the VIP! upstairs section of the Dick Clark Theater. The food will be spectacular. The Catering Divas are preparing a "Red Carpet" worthy array of delectable delights presented with creative flair and gourmet flavor. There will be beverages and a cash bar as well. The Stars and Pros will mix with the VIPs for approximately 45 minutes before going backstage to prepare for the contest. This donation is tax deductible

For ANY donation of $100 or more, the donor will receive a FREE DVD of the entire Dancing with the Stars provided courtesy of The Vacation Channel

Want your name or your company name to be named as our sponsor....announced in front of what could be a sold out ...captive, audience!! Just contact us to set it up!  You can also  pre-purchase admission tickets and then donate them back to the event. It is a common practice for fund raising. You will receive recognition for the donation as well as a, tax deductible, receipt for your kindness.


They will print 1000 programs for the event. The Business card ads will be presented as sponsors for the event. These can include printed messages of support for the couple being sponsored if they wish. This donation is tax deductible.

 STUFF THE BALLOT BOX - At the event, there will be a "Ballot Box" faced with our photo. Stuff this box with dollars all the way up through the end of intermission. Once the second half of the show beings, the voting will officially close and the final tally will begin. The couple with the most votes will win the coveted 2011 Mirror Ball Trophy to keep. .

Alright there are all of the ways you can help us!!! If you want to buy tickets you can contact me at aj@rockumentally.com!
Thanks in advance for your support!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Hoopla

Merry Christmas everyone!  The Branson Arts Council and Rock U Mentally Entertainment have joined forces with GIFT OF HOPE to bring you Branson’s first annual “HOLIDAY HOOPLA” and “Warm Clothes Drive”!  The fun will run from 9-11:30am, Saturday, December 18th, at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theatre, and will feature exciting festivities and entertainment for kids of ALL ages!  Most importantly, it will give parents an opportunity to reinforce the importance of GIVING!  This event is FREE to the public, however, GIFT OF HOPE, a wonderful charity that focuses on benefiting children and the families of those that find themselves in less than ideal circumstances (especially during the holidays), will be accepting donations of warm clothes (coats, scarves, hats, socks - all sizes needed!) that will go directly to children right here in Taney County.  Here’s what’s on the agenda:

9-9:30am:  Gather in the theatre lobby for face painting, balloon animals, close up magic, meet and greet with the cast and characters of, “Rock U Mentally“, and many other surprises!  
9:30 - 10:00:  We will move into the theatre for some great pre-show entertainment featuring some of our community’s finest performers!
10-11:30:  “ROCK U MENTALLY, LIVE!” a wonderful musical adventure for kids of all ages, will hit the stage with an amazing show that features creatively designed skits, exciting original music, energizing choreography, “larger than life” costumed characters, colorful puppets, innovative music videos, two zany mad scientists, mind blowing magic and a powerful message. 

Your family will have a very special time experiencing this wonderful holiday event together.  Make plans to attend our “HOLIDAY HOOPLA”, and help make a difference in the lives of children this holiday season.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween Costume Contest winners!!!!

We are ecstatic to announce our 2nd Annual Rock U Mentally Costume Contest winners!!!!! It was great to see some families getting involved in creating an original costume! For these families, some great memories were made, while working on these costumes.
And so......drum roll please.........The winners are!!!

First Prize goes to:  Sam Horton!!!! The Leprechaun!!! Sam told us all about how he and his family worked hard to find the clothing pieces at thrift stores and yard sales, and then they distressed them using a few different techniques, they "styled" the wig,  and used some creative make up techniques to create the Scary Leprechaun!! Good Job Sam!!!

Second Prize goes to................Ty Bennett! Ty is 4 years old, and went as a train!!!! They made the costume from a card board box and duct tape. (one of our favorite things to use...duct tape that is!) The back has a smaller box  for his candy  and the smoke stake and face are made from a Folgers coffee can and a Quaker oats tub. Very creative!!! I'm sure he will remember this costume for years to come!!! 

Third prize goes to the Horn Family!!!  Jamison, Leah and Halle. The Cat in the Hat costume utilized some recycled items, such as the black clothing, and the Thing 1 and Thing 2 t-shirts were a gift that inspired  Jamison to suggested that they use them for Halloween costumes. Some fun accessories were added and Voila!!! A Fantastic Family Costume!!! Great Job Horn Family!!!

Thank You to all of you that entered the contest!! We hope you enjoyed creating some fun family memories while you worked on your costumes!!! Can't wait to do it all again next year!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day!!!

I'm sure you don't want to hear any more about how important it is to vote! We have been hearing it for months on tv and you have probably been getting plenty of phone calls etc. The message is everywhere!! Still, it is important,  and not only do we need to make sure that we vote, but teach our children about how necessary it is no matter what your political view is!!  Take them with you if you can to see the process and explain it along the way. That may not be so easy if you have a young child, (like  a crazy, never stops talking 4 year old), so talk about it with them at home!! I found some printables that you can give them to color while you tell them a bit about the process. They are never too young to hear about it! You don't need to drill political ideals into their heads, but at least explain           the process!
Here are some links:  .......Enjoy!!
Looked around a little more and PBSkids has a great interactive site!! Check this out!!!The democracy project!!
Here is another one with a lot of resources.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Great memories for Halloween!!!

How different are your Halloween memories from those of your kids? I remember the focus was much the same, Candy!!!!! and Costume!! The procedure is still pretty much the same too. Wait until dark, go out in costume and yell Trick Or Treat at your neighbors doors, and get candy. Go home let parents check candy for bad things like razor blades, then eat as much candy as your parents would let you, and hide the leftovers from the rest of the family!  There is one thing that seems to be different to me, and that's how you came up with your costume. Pardon the expression but "back in the day", if you wore a store bought costume you were probably wearing a pretty cheesy plastic mask with an elastic string around the back, and an even worse plastic dress like thing on which was  printed the body of whatever character your were trying to be. Now when you walk into a store during this season there are costumes of every type complete with wigs, wings, accessories and of course full on fabric outfits that will survive much longer than just one night of candy grabbing. This is great stuff, but it has taken all of the fun out of putting a costume together! Whether you were crafty or not, you had to create the costume. Find stuff in your closets, get out the paint and cardboard boxes and make something up! Mom's clothes were always great princess dresses! True the costumes may not have been as elaborate, sparkly, or quite as close a match to the original character that they are intended to be, but it sure was a lot more fun using your imagination and a good bit cheaper!!!
 That's why we started our costume contest! To try to encourage families to spend some time together creating their costumes!! You would be surprised what you can come up with once you start thinking about it!! It doesn't have to be anything over the top! It just gives you and your kids a certain amount of pride when you do it yourself!!! And you might create some new family memories!!
Here is the link to the info about our contest!! http://rockumomma.blogspot.com/2010/10/2nd-annual-halloween-costume-contest.html

Monday, October 4, 2010

2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest!!!

We are thrilled to announce our 2nd annual Halloween Costume Contest! We want to challenge everyone to make a costume this year instead of going out  and buying a pre-made outfit!!Better yet maybe you could make it out of recycled materials!!! We encourage you to look around your house, or your neighbours, and find things that you could recycle into a costume!  We used this concept to create some of the costumes from our show......like our Space Man costume or the yellow submarine and race car for our mascots! We used duct tape on some old suit jackets to make our "Bee" costumes, and towels for chaps for our Cowgirl. Check our website Rockumentally.com to see photos of all of the costumes.
First prize will be: a $50. Target gift card, a DVD of "Rock U Mentally Live", A Rock U Mentally CD and a Rock U Mentally T shirt!!!!
Second Prize will be: a" Rock U mentally Live"DVD, A Rock U Mentally CD and A T shirt
Third Prize will be: a "Rock U Mentally Live" DVD
All you have to do is email your photos of your costumes to info@rockumentally.com.
Contest deadline is Nov. 5th. Prizes will be awarded on Nov. 15th.
So start looking through your closets, your recycle bins, and maybe even the trash, and see what you can dream up..........or as we like to say it........"Imagine What You Can Do!!!!!!"